Healthy Babies Are Worth The Wait

Many families today are choosing to schedule their deliveries early even if there is no medical need.  Every day counts in the life of a developing fetus since his brain, lungs, and other important organs continue to develop in the womb even in the last few weeks of pregnancy. There are medical reasons for some babies to be born early but if your pregnancy is healthy, it is best to stay pregnant for at least 39 weeks.  Babies who are born even a little early may have problems with vision and hearing, maintaining a normal body temperature, may struggle to nurse or feed to obtain the nutrition his body needs among other health issues.
Healthy Babies Are Worth The Wait
Did you know that a baby’s brain nearly doubles in size during the last 6 weeks of pregnancy?  We encourage you to learn more about the importance of the final weeks of pregnancy, why it is best to wait for labor to begin on its own, and test your pregnancy knowledge by visiting

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