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Healthy Start Risk Screening

Florida Statute 383.14 requires that all pregnant women be offered the Healthy Start Prenatal Risk Screening at their first or consequent prenatal visit and the Healthy Start Infant (Postnatal) Risk Screening be offered to parents or guardians of all infants born in Florida before leaving the delivery facility.  Healthy Start risk screens identify risk factors so women and infants may be referred for services that complement and assure continued participation in prenatal and infant health care.

Studies of Florida’s Healthy Start screening indicate that:

    • The Healthy Start Prenatal Screen is predictive of preterm birth and LBW
    • 48% of the women who had an adverse birth had a positive screen
    • Women with positive scores are 1.7 times or 70% more likely to experience preterm birth or to have a low birth weight infant
    • The Healthy Start Infant (postnatal) screen is predictive of post-neonatal death
    • 51% of post-neonatal deaths occur among infants that had a positive screen
    • Infants who score 4 or more on the Healthy Start screen are 6 times as likely to die during the post-neonatal period than those who score less than 4.

(Data from Healthy Start Annual Report 2003)

Additional Information

How to Bill for HS Screening 8.2013

Completing the Prenatal Risk Screen

To obtain blank prenatal screens, refer one of your patients to Healthy Start after submission of the screen, or for additional patient resources and assistance, contact Anne Corbett, Community Liaison at 954-563-7583 x1306 or acorbett@

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